“My Husband had PIED and I didn’t know for years”

I’m including a snippet below then a link to an excellent article written by Anna Good, because it gives death grip / PIED sufferers a very clear and compelling insight into what our condition can do to a relationship from the significant other’s perspective. If you are on this website, then you should read it.Continue reading ““My Husband had PIED and I didn’t know for years””

Reflections on a relationship ruining habit

Blurred edges and a cloudy ideal,With intangible thematic and numbed feel.Something’s here, something lined with wrongA distant voice. Faint yet Strong. Something that matters and is built on highmy perspective of others that soar and fly.Luck and pathways and innate ambitions.Crystalised moments of stony decisions. A glass ceiling and a burning sunClay wings and aContinue reading “Reflections on a relationship ruining habit”