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“No matter how much I pumped away, I couldn’t cum for this beautiful, lusty Venus giving herself to me…

It ultimately undermined our intimacy and, over time, our relationship.”

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“My Husband had PIED and I didn’t know for years”

“My Husband had PIED and I didn’t know for years”

Beat Death GripMar 5, 20213 min read

I’m including a snippet below then a link to an excellent article written by Anna Good, because it gives death grip / PIED sufferers a very clear and compelling insight…


Reflections on a relationship ruining habit

Beat Death GripMar 5, 20212 min read

Blurred edges and a cloudy ideal,With intangible thematic and numbed feel.Something’s here, something lined with wrongA distant voice. Faint yet Strong. Something that matters and is built on highmy perspective…

Death Grip

What is Death Grip Syndrome?

Beat Death GripAug 7, 20204 min read

Many are asking ‘what is Death Grip Syndrome?’. We see it pop up on reddit, quora, in health journals and in letters to editors of magazines & online print. Many…

Cure Death Grip Syndrome with a Fleshlight

Cure Death Grip Syndrome with a Fleshlight

Beat Death GripAug 7, 20206 min read

Death Grip Syndrome can be cured with a Fleshlight. And a little discipline. If you have read our Action Plan on beating Death Grip, you will know we advocate the use…

We silently suffer Delayed Ejaculation.

I was like you – nervous about each new lover learning I couldn’t finish with them, but hoping it would go away one day. They would be surprised at first, and maybe even take it as a challenge to overcome. They likely were impressed with my ‘stamina’. 

But that gets old. Lust is the cornerstone of love, and being ‘desired’ forms a cornerstone of femininity. While you may convince yourself you are okay not ejaculating during sex, it will usually lead to problems with your partner. Even if they are unspoken. The hard part about this is that it goes to the heart of masculinity as well – ‘being able to get your load off’. So this makes it a very difficult subject to raise. If you do suffer from DE, I’ll be you are like me and have wished for the ‘problem’ of pre-mature ejaculation countless times. 

There is a path out of this though, and a number of men have taken on the tidbits of information spread around the internet to change the destiny of their sexual and romantic relationships. This website has formalised this scarce research and these success stories into a formalised plan, and the website author has personally proven it works. That plan is here. I hope you find some benefit for it.

Questions? Grievances? Want to chat? To vent? Please reach out to me through the anonymity of the internet. I’m really passionate about helping others fix this.